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About Birdie Bakery

Miley started birdie Bakery. “Birdie” is actually Miley’s nickname. Miley started to learn how to bake while she was stressing out with her master thesis. Baking relaxes her and brings her joy. After graduation, she started baking for her co-works and friends, from birthdays to weddings. It was just a hobby, and she never thought one day it would become her business.

After Miley and her family moved to the bay area, she became a mom, and her job was to take care of the baby 24/7. She doesn’t feel like herself. She lost her social status with all the house works. But luckily, she started baking again. For other mom friends, for their children and parties, and soon to the greater bay area. Miley found herself more recognized in baking. She is not just someone’s mother or wife anymore. She is the lady behind all the beautiful cakes and cookies. Once again, she found peace in making cakes. That was how Miley starts Birdie Bakery. A place that creates modern cakes, decorated cookies, and builds local personal connections. Miley believes that dessert is a common language between cultures and communities. She can’t wait to make more connections and memories for the greater bay area.